On The New Google Editor

Heads up folks!

There is a missing feature of the new Google editor that wont let you set the property used for the password on new deployments.

Google still allows to switch back to the old editor, so one solution is to momentarily get back to the legacy editor in order to set the property.

I also have added new code to the bottom of the DriveForUnitySocket script, two convenient methods to overcome the situation until Google fixes the new lacking editor:

function GetScriptProperties()
  var properties = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().getProperties();
function SetScriptProperties()
  var key = "PASSWORD";
  var value = "passcode";    // Change this value to your own passcode.
  PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().setProperty(key, value);

You can retrieve a new copy of the script as usual, or you can simply copy and paste this code on your own, and paste it at the bottom of the script. No need to redeploy, as this is code that will only work for the devs:

  1. If you pasted the code yourself, first thing: hit save button (or CRTL+S).
  2. Then go to the method selection drop down at the toolbar, and select SetScriptProperties.
  3. In the code, go to the SetScriptProperties() method, and in the "value" variable write your own passcode.
  4. Click "Run" on the toolbar.

That should set the property!

On another news...

I have fixed the WebGL demo. I had inadvertently removed the server side deployment, which is back online, and I updated the Unity build to fix the longstanding copy/paste bug, so everything should be fine as far as the itch.io demo.

Special Thanks and Final Note:

As some of you may have noted, I had to take a leave of absence for a while. I had to attend some family and health issues, and had no opportunity or time aside from that, to offer the usual support for Google Sheets For Unity. I will be slowly catching up and get back to you with some help.

Thank you all for your patience and generosity.


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