Google Sheets Quick Translation Tutorial/Tip

Hello there!
Check this out:

Isn't that cool? :)

I have been wanting to share this Google Spreadsheets not-so-well-known feature, and its potential good use with Google Sheets For Unity: there is a simple localization example included with the asset, and the described workflow could be adapted to it in no time!

Some guys on Twitter, beat me to document it, so Im just sharing the video obtained from this thread.

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ok, mindblown. After testing and playing a bit with your tool, this is all the more accessible now.

Truly thank you, I feel this is giving a lot of flexibility/power/time-savers for game makers that usually is the domain for a team or a whole lot more knowledgeable skills. At least in its entry level form: which is all I need for now, modify and manipulate some spreadsheets but it came with so so so much more.

Thanks a lot for such very kind words! Im really glad you are finding the tool really useful :)