Google Sheets For Unity allows to interact with Google Drive environment, at runtime or design time.

This unlock a world of posibilities: virtually free backend, for collaboration in design and development. Customize your workflow with flexible and solid well known solutions!

Check the online demo above!

Just set the spreadsheet id on the input field and check how the spreadsheet is filled with content, updated, and you can change content on the sheet and check how the demo will retrieve the fresh data upon request.


✔ Read & Write to spreadhseets.
✔ Upload & Download files: binary, text, images.
✔ Works with desktop, mobile and WebGL.
✔ Source code included.
✔ No Google account credentials required on the Unity side.
✔ Works with private and public Google spreadsheets.
✔ Free SKDs dependencies: no Google Data API required, standard Unity UnityWebRequest calls.

Multiple barebone examples included:

• Spreadsheets basic use.
• Files: loading and saving from both, disk and Google Drive.
• Images: load from disk or screenshot, save and retrieve from Google Drive.
• Simple localization example.
• In-Editor use demo.
• Unity Console Logs to cloud example.
• Session context: use a custom player login system.

Check the screenshots!

How it works?

The Unity side API enables working with spreadsheets as object tables (each row is an object), or just cell by cell. Creating and retrieving folders, text and binary files. Saving and loading png or jpg images files.

This client connection on Unity side provides practical queries that will cover most basic interactions. It connects to a webservice which is deployed on the Google Drive developers account. The source code for both, the Unity API and the webservice are provided, enabling tweaks on the available queries, or full customization and adding new posibilities!


Unity API docs are public and available online here.
Complete developer guide is available with the asset in PDF format.

Compatibility: Tested with Unity 2018.3 onwards.

Package Contents Peak

Important Disclaimmer!

This package requires intermediate to advanced programming skills in order to understand and use the asset for your own purposes.

Lite version

The original version has been rebranded "Lite" edition, to denote the difference with this new asset. It can be found at the Unity Asset Store.

The new version, available on this page, encompasses wider use cases, including and extending capabilities that used to be scattered among 3 or 4 other assets (siblings from GSFU, that I named "CloudTools").

In essence, the Lite version focuses exclusively on Google Spreadsheets, while the main version goes a bit beyond.

Useful Links

Unity Forum thread
Client API Reference

Check more tools

Cloud Console For Unity


Buy Now$22.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $22 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GoogleSheetsForUnity.unitypackage 694 kB

Development log


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I would love to buy this asset, but it is not working for me.

I tried with different sheet ids and it doesn't work.

Do you happen to have an example sheet id?

Hey there. I just tested and is working as expected. You can double check that you are pasting a valid spreadsheet id, and that the spreadsheet has public permissions (only needed for this public demo).

Hi Novack

Now I got one step further:
1.I had to create my public  sheet and copy out the ID
2.Paste the ID and only then I could push the button "Create Table/Worksheet"
3.Then it created a new tab and from this tab I could then read and write.

So it seems to work this way, but had to find out the order of actions myself. Maybe a video would help how to use this stuff the first time.  Anyway I will buy it and try to use it.


The order of actions is the natural. How could it work with a spreadhseet without knowing which one?

But more importantly, its explicitly expained in the demo itself, just above the input where you paste the spreadsheet id.

Why i can't see the sheets on GDrive? I can create and edit tables but I can't find them.

Hello. I dont understand your question, can you elaborate? You can also contact me by email.

Hi, where i can find your email?

In the developer guide PDF you will find the support email, along other useful data ;)


Thanks for the great plugin. How to track Drive upload/download progress?  I can't find any www.uploadProgress or www.uploadedBytes handlers

(1 edit)

There is none at the moment! I will add upload progress tracking on next update, thanks a lot for bringing this up.

Download progress handling can be more trickier given that Google uses chunked encoding on responses, and thus, there is no Content-Length header which is required by Unity API to monitor progress.

I will work on it for the next update, which will be after finishing my current project, a simple but effective chat extension for Unity.


Thanks for letting us know. Will also keep an eye out for your chat extension - perfect for my next project!


Especially for download progress.


Will there be updates when buying from this site?

(2 edits)

Hello there, thanks for contacting.

Absolutely! I will be posting updates and patch releases here as they are developed. Also will do my best to announce them!